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Personal Finance

I am not a financial advisor or planner. I don’t wear suits! I’m not here to optimize your stock returns,
and we don’t focus on retirement (saving for your future is important, but so is living a meaningful life now).

My job is to help you be more intentional with your money so you can better align your spending with your goals and values. Once you learn how to use money to bring you the greatest return on happiness (ROH), you can move from feeling stressed and guilty to intentional and empowered.

How do I know? Because I’ve made that journey myself. If you want to know how I got into this work and why I do what I do, then pour yourself a glass of scotch and sail away with me as we embark on the history of that journey.

You see, money can both help and harm. You can use it to proactively create the life you want, or be afraid of it
and always see it as a roadblock. If it’s the latter, know this—it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to use it as a tool to create meaning, purpose and freedom, rather than see it as a limiting factor in your life.

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